Importance of Saying Goodbye

Importance of Saying Goodbye

A good-bye ceremony helps those who are left behind take the first step in overcoming grief—that is, facing the fact that a death has occurred. Ceremonies bring together friends and relatives who can offer comfort and support to each other at a time when it is needed most.

The good-bye ceremony should be a personal reflection of the family and the person that died. We listen carefully to each family’s wishes and do whatever it takes to assist in creating an event that is meaningful and satisfying to all.

The funeral or memorial ceremony is the first public event for survivors without their loved one.

We all recognize that the immediate family has experienced a loss—but there are others:

  • The extended family—those related by birth and marriage
  • The unrelated family—friends that are as close as family
  • Neighbors, co-workers, faith communities, and the community in general
  • And, finally, the supporters of the above

It is estimated that 70% of those who attend DID NOT KNOW the deceased—they are coming to support the survivors.

Joy shared is joy increased. However, grief shared is NOT grief increased—it is grief diminished and it helps to have others around during a sad time. Care for the survivors must begin with a community coming together. Funerals provide us with a safe place in which to embrace our pain. Here, the world stops and people know it is okay to cry, to laugh, to embrace, and tell stories. It is a time of beautiful human moments.

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